Welcome to the Camp Delton Announcements page. This page was designed to keep our members informed of any announcements, notices and meetings. 


Clean your site by Memorial Day

Our rules and regulations require that all leaves and yard debris be cleaned up by Memorial Day. Please remove garbage, rake leaves, and remember to wash all sides of your camper or park model.

Trailers are to be maintained and cleaned so as to avoid a build-up of moss or mildew on the siding. Many trailers and add-a-rooms have been neglected and are covered (especially on the north side) with a green mossy build-up. Many other trailers and add-a-rooms have dirt streaks and stains running down the sides from a build-up of debris on the roof.

It is the member's responsibility to perform these maintenance tasks on their property. If you are unable to clean up your site by Memorial Weekend, please call the office. We'll have names of people who will cleanup your site for a fee.

We have been lax in the enforcement of these guidelines and it shows. Over the next couple of months, notices will be given to sites failing to meet these responsibilities. Again, if you have any questions about this requirement, please refer to the rules and regulations that you, as a member signed; and/or inquire at the office or speak with a board member.

* For more information, please see - Camp Delton Club, inc Rules & Regulations Revised (Nov 1, 2012) Section 3 - Rules and regulations relating to the structures: - Items 17 and 18
posted on April 7, 2018

Campsite Membership Signs

The Lake Delton Fire Department has requested for the last year that all official membership signs be mounted outside on a post or structure adjacent to the road and in a clearly visible manner. This has been relayed to the membership at board meetings and through newsletters, yet many of these signs remain inside trailer windows or not mounted at all. This is a safety issue and one taken very seriously by our local fire department and emergency responders.


Any site failing to meet this requirement by July 4, 2017 will have the sign mounted appropriately by the grounds crew and the member will receive an invoice for any materials or labor used. If you are missing a sign or have any questions about this requirement, please inquire at the office or speak with a board member.
posted on April 7, 2018


Village of Lake Delton Links, etc..


The Village of Lake Delton requires approval from Camp Delton Club before they will issue their building permit.

If you plan to make any changes to your site, such as build a deck or shed, please fill out a “Yellow Buildings & Grounds

Form” and submit it to the Camp Delton Club office. It usually only takes a few days to approve on our end, but you will need to submit your approved Camp Delton form with your Building Permit Application to the Village of Lake Delton. The sooner you get this process started, the sooner you will be able to start your project!



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updated on August 20, 2016 -

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updated on August 16, 2017 -

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The Village of Lake Delton has officially completed their inspections of Camp Delton Club. These inspections focused on two main areas:

  1. Hurricane straps tie-downs for Campers.
  2. Any potentially unsafe conditions

The village has prioritized the following areas of concern:

  • Improper use of cinder blocks beneath trailers
  • Unsafe electrical wiring i.e. wiring lacking compliance with local codes
  • Tie downs of park models and campers utilizing "hurricane straps."

As the village releases more information on compliancy, we will make these materials available at the lodge and post them on the website.

The village understands there will be exceptions. Exceptions will be determined by evaluating the merits of each individual case. Details on applying for an exception, will be posted on the website as they become available. Stay tuned!

Revised on September 25, 2016


Guest information

For 2018, the guest site fee will be $53.38. This includes all hook-ups (water, sewer, electric). Be sure to call to reserve a guest site early for holiday weekends! They fill fast!

Remember that members are responsible for their guests. We give a Guest Information sheet to your guests who rent a guest site, however, if you are letting family or friends use your camper or park model and you won’t be present, please give them a Guest Information sheet. Another suggestion is to leave the Guest Information sheet on your counter or table so if you have others using your site, they will have the opportunity to read a condensed version of the most commonly broken rules. This will be published in the bi-annual newsletter and is available at the office.

We can email it to you too – just let us know!

Volunteers Needed

We are always in need of volunteers for the committees!  It's not too late to sign up or participate.  Sign-up sheet is at the lodge, or call the office.