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Camp Delton Club, Inc.
Rules & Regulations
revised 11/01/2012
Section 3

28. No open fires of any kind shall be permitted on any campsite except within the confines of an above ground fire ring of approved design, a clear space or ground encircled with large stones, a metal cooking device or metal brazier. All such fires must be attended at ALL TIMES and thoroughly extinguished upon completion of use. “Leaves may not be burned at ANYTIME.” No fires of any kind shall be permitted while water is turned off. Check the dates of turn-off* and turn-on with Manager. (Rev. 6/9/01)


Wisconsin state law and local rules and regulations require that anyone who enters Camp Delton must sign-in at the office. These laws apply regardless of whether you plan to stay long-term or are just here for a short visit.

When the office is closed, visitors have the following options:

  • During the camping season - use your pass key or call the lodge when you arrive at the gate. Stop by the office and sign in. Wisconsin law allows you 24 hours to sign-in.

  • During the off-season - members can sign-in at the gate when the office is closed.

  • On other occasions, members are reminded they must sign-in within 24 hours of their arrival.

Recently we were challenged that the requirement of having to sign in is not a Wisconsin state law. The law only applies to, and we quote: CAMPGROUND REGISTER. The operator shall maintain a written or electronic campground register that contains the name of each principal campsite occupant, this person's contact information, the person's arrival and departure dates, and the number of campers in the person's party. The campground register shall be available to any authorized employee or agent of the department who, in carrying out his or her duties, asks to inspect the register. The operator shall keep the campground register for at least one year after the principal campsite occupant's date of departure from a campsite.

When we asked about guest and worker, the chairperson for the Wisconsin campground chapter said it is a local requirement or part of our rules and regulations. Our rules state: All members and guests must sign in when entering Camp Delton Club.

Local village of Lake Delton statue states that we must comply with the Wisconsin status

Updated on July 17, 2016

Camp Delton Club, Inc.
Rules & Regulations
revised 11/01/2012
Section 4

  1. The consumption of alcoholic beverages it all Board Meetings is prohibited.(Bd. of Dir. 5/10/80)
  2. All board members are to notify the President & Vice President if they are unable to attend a Board Meeting. (Rev. 7/12/86)
  3. The Officers of the Board of Directors (President & Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) shall form an executive committee. The Club Manager and past President shall be included as nonvoting members, except at personnel meeting that in the manager's involvement would be inappropriate. (Rev. 7/12/86)
  4. If any Board of Directors member misses two (2) consecutive meetings without cause, he/she shall be dismissed from the Board of Directors, and replaced by the Board of Directors appointee.
  5. Directors shall be paid at rate to be determined by the I.R.S. guidelines for travel to meetings between October 15 & April 15th. with a maximum of 250 miles round trip. (Rev. 5/18/96)
  6. All complaints must be presented fourteen (14) days in advance of the scheduled Board Meeting to be put on the agenda. All parties involved in the complaint must be notified and be present if possible at the meeting. If parties involved are unable to be present the Board of Directors will discuss the complaint anyway. (Bd. of Dir. 10/14/91)
  7. Any member who fails to yield to the chairperson at anytime during a Board meeting shall be found "Out of order" and upon a second warning shall be fined $25.00. If member continues to yield to the chair the Camp Delton Club, Inc. may progressively fine the member up to $100.00.
  8. If the offending members continue to disrupt the meeting that member shall be evicted from the meeting. All fines must be paid in full be the start of the next camping season, or no gate card is to be issued to that membership certificate (Bd. of Dir. 8/97)
  9. Change in By-Laws and Rules and Regulations are to be sent to resigned members if their membership has not been sold. If returned to our office due to nondelivery, the envelope and contents are to be filed in folder for the site number indicated. (Rev. 7/12/86)