History of The Camp Delton Club

1900 Sheridan S. Squires bought the farmland, which is now Camp Delton Club. It also included the land east of Interstate 90.

1920 A 37 room structure called “Mirror Lake Inn” was built on the corner of Burritt Rd. & Xanadu Rd.

1927 This land was sold to John H. Daehler. An 18-hole golf course called Dells - Ringling Country Club graced our property. Hole #1 and #18 were located where I-90 now flows. The country club listed as one of the most scenic and sportiest golf courses in Wisconsin.

1932 The “Mirror Lake Inn” destroyed by fire. (Loss estimated at $75,000)

1950 The land was purchased by William & Harriet Hynes. During this time, the land was used for various purposes including a KOA Campground, located on the present Overlook Village. (As a note: Xanadu Rd. was Old Highway 23 and Interstate 90 was built thru this land in 1959.)

1955 Part of the land was sold to Douglas Chalmers, who used the area for his business, Air-Seal Windows.

1968 Willard (Bill) & Virginia Murphy bought the land and in 1970 the land become Dells Camp Delton Incorporated. The Murphy family opened an award-winning campground, which was the first “deluxe” total facility camping resort in the Illinois/Wisconsin area. It carried the highest ratings available to a campground in Woodall & Ron McNally. To do away with the hopeless problem that plagued campers when they found reservations for camping difficult, The Murphy’s idea of carefree relaxed camping were being replaced by frenzied competition and overcrowding. With that in mind, the concept of a membership campground took shape.

1975 March 21, 1975 Bill Murphy signed the Articles of Incorporation for Camp Delton Club and that’s when our club was born. In May of 1975, the public was able to buy a membership. (Originally, 488 memberships were proposed) By September of 1975, nearly two-thirds of the existing memberships were sold.

1977 Part of the land, which is now the cottages in the back of Camp Delton property, were sold to Charles Harris, Mary Jane Winkler, John D. Melter and William R. Melter.


The Camp Delton Club, Inc.