Officers And Staff

Camp Delton Board of Directors


brdmeeting092317aThe Camp Delton Club operates under direction of a Board of Directors. Each director is a Camp Delton Club member. Directors are elected to their office by the general membership.


Among it's many duties, the Board of Directors determines the annual Club Dues. This determination is based on the recommendation of the budget committee.



Our Board Of Directors

brian wachowiacz

Brian Wachowiacz


audra arndt

Audra Arndt


roland eisch

Roland Eisch

Buildings & Grounds

corey holland

Corey Holland


jennifer edgeworth

Jennifer Edgeworth


joe gambino

Joe Gambino

Vice President

tammy pfannertstill

Tammy Pfannertstill


heidi helm

Heidi Helm


sue whitaker

Sue Whitaker

ByLaws & Ins

Our Management Team

carol rochester

Carol Rochester

Office Manager



Grounds Manager

Camp Board of Directors for 2022-2023

The chart below displays our currently elected Board members and their respective responsibilities for the 2022-2023 season.


President Brian Wachowiacz   77   25
Vice President Joe Gambino   458   25
Treasurer Audra Arndt   33   26
Secretary Tammy Pfannerstill   310   24
Buildings & Grounds Roland Eisch   434   25
Membership Heidi Helm   119   26
Personnel Corey Holland   87   24
By-Laws & Insurance Sue Whitaker   152   24
Activities Jennifer Edgeworth   522   26


Office Manager Carol Rochester 608-254-8361  
Buildings & Grounds Manager Vince Klitzman 608-254-8333  


If you need to send something to a board member, please send to the Office Manager

at and they will get it to the board member.


Changes in the Scheduling of Board Meetings


The Board of Directors manages the club's business affairs. As we all know, camp business activity does not stop in the off-season. In 2012, the Board of Directors voted to have regular board meetings in the off-season. Hence in addition to the regular monthly meetings during the camping season, the board now meets in November, January, and March.


The first season of these meetings have clearly demonstrated their usefulness These meetings have allowed the board resolve many issues in the off-season versus the alternative of allowing them to build-up for first board meeting in the Spring. They also allowed new board members to orientate themselves to their new positions. In order to make meetings available to anyone that can't attend in person, in August 2021, the board of directors amended the By-laws to allow attendance via audio/visual/virtual platforms. The main platform we use is "Zoom"  The link to participate is made available to any member wishing to attend.  


Members are welcome to attend these off-season meetings. The minutes for review are available at the office or upon approval, on the web.


 Board Committees


The following committees assist the board in making their decisions.


Activities Meets to discuss the future events and prepare the activities for the season.
Budget Meets once a year to discuss the budget and financial plan for the following year.
Buildings and Grounds Meets as necessary as camp ground issues arise.
Capitol Improvements Meets as necessary to discuss and plan future improvements to our camp.
Children’s Activities Planning events for children during the summer.
Election Meets once a year to count election ballots. The committee will also count votes for referendums as needed.
Finance Meets as necessary to review finances.
Insurance/Bylaws Meets as necessary to review the policies of the state, county, city or town regulations, and to review our own rules and bylaws as circumstances change.






The Board of Directors are always interested in members input. Please take time to check the lodge bulletin board and sign up for a committee. Committee members have an opportunity to get involved with their club!


The Camp Delton Club, Inc.